Design Scenario


AniBeacon extends the reach of brands beyond their physical stores.

Traditional beacon technology only works where a physical beacon radio transmitter is installed. Usually this is within the brand’s store where the brand is authorized to place such devices. When a customer enters a store, and has the store app with location-based service enabled, the brand can interact with the customer via her mobile device.

When the customer is outside of the store, traditional beacon technology does not provide a way for the interaction to take place.

Engage Your Customer Even When Outside of Your Store

Digital-out-of-home networks supporting AniBeacon continues the shopper’s interaction with a brand even when she is out of the store. By allowing digital signage advertisers to send out their proprietary beacon codes as part of a DOOH ad, AniBeacon enables the brand to interact with customers passing by the screens when its ad is played. This effectively expands the serviceable area of the brand’s marketing campaign.


By working with DOOH networks powered by AniBeacon, marketers can achieve the following:

  • Remind your customers to order groceries when they are in a train station or on a train heading home
  • Push a coupon to invite your customers to a nearby restaurant for a breakfast or coffee
  • Create interactive games that reach out to invite customers for a game while waiting

All you need to achieve the above scenarios is to place an ad on a DOOH network that supports AniBeacon. Mobile app can know which screen the customer is interacting with by reading the ID encoded within AniBeacon signals. This way the mobile app can provide location-based content and experience accordingly.

How does it work technically?