Customer engagement redefined

Enabling relevant and actionable campaigns across digital signage and mobile marketing

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Advertising Expanded

Upsell on your digital signage spots by linking them to mobile campaigns. Now you can help brand marketers to seamlessly engage their customers on both the big and small screen.

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Design Scenario

Why only give away mobile coupons when customer is already in-store? AniBeacon allow brands to connect with their loyal customers even in public spaces where installation of traditional beacons is impossible.

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AniBeacon is a revolutionary technology that allows screens to become dynamic content-driven BLE beacons. Millions of existing iOS and Android beacon-based apps are supported, including the latest Google Eddystone.

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AniBeacon works on leading digital signage media players. You can control all aspects of it using its RESTful API. Sample code is provided for programming HTML5- and Android-based media players.